Dare to be different.

We did.

We started as the original, industry-leading, evidence-based physical therapy EMR. Now we provide software for the continuum of care, allowing healthcare and fitness professionals to get their clients to be well, stay healthy, and achieve and surpass their health and fitness goals.

Our Divisions

Company Overview

OptimisCorp, founded in 2006, is comprised of four highly synergistic divisions: Software Services, Clinical Services, Billing Services and Consulting Services.  OptimisCorp develops technology in collaboration with renowned experts in the medical field, including physical therapists, physicians, exercise physiologists, registered dietitians and others, all dedicated to the science of health, movement and function.  OptimisCorp improves the consistency and quality of care delivered by health care professionals and other fitness professionals by giving them access to evidence-based and clinically proven tools, to provide higher quality care for rehab, injury prevention, performance enhancement, weight management, and wellness programs.

Key Personnel

  • Alan Morelli

    Chief Executive Officer Chairman, Board of Directors

  • Dan Dourney

    Chief Operating Officer and President, Member, Board of Directors

  • Scott Schroeder

    Member, Board of Directors

  • Ashraf Abdelhamid

    President of Achieve Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. Member, Board of Directors

  • Bert Camp

    Member, Board of Directors

  • Laurent O’Shea

    Member, Board of Directors

  • Peter Rogers

    Consulting Financial Officer

  • Holger Beckmann

    Director of Content

  • Tiffany Manning

    Director of Billing

  • Cherry Miyake

    Executive Vice President, International Business Development and CEO of Greater China

OptimisCorp Proudly Offers

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