Clinical Services

Exceptional Care and Training

OptimisCorp owns and operates 41 physical therapy outpatient clinics across the U.S. These clinics span the entire spectrum of physical therapy specialties, including sports and orthopedic, occupational, cardio, neuro, hand, speech, and more. All of our clinics have a strong commitment to exceptional care, and they maintain a superior entrepreneurial spirit and drive. In addition to delivering top-notch patient care, these clinics also provide wellness and fitness services, including assessments, personal training, and weight-loss programs, while being a test bed for our innovative software platform consisting of OptimisPT, optimumCareProvider, and optimumMe.

Strength and Flexibility START Program

The Strength and Flexibility program is based on the results of your START assessment; your own strengths and weaknesses.  The program is created by Doctors of Physical Therapy and will include exercises that are essential to achieving functional joint stability, improve flexibility, increase strength production while minimizing the risk for injury. Our clinical staff with the support of the optimumMe app will guide you through each exercise.

Cardiovascular HEART Program

The Cardiovascular program is a detailed daily metabolic program that is based on your HEART assessment. This program is developed using your individualized heart rate zones, based-off your own specific physiology. You will decrease body fat and your risk for cardiovascular disease while minimizing your risk for injury AND increasing performance. During this program our clinical staff with the support of the optimumMe app will guide you through each workout.

Virtual Exercise Classes and One-on-One Training sessions

We provide virtual exercise classes and one-on-one training sessions that range from upper and lower body stretching, foam rolling, shoulder stability, hip stability, core strengthening, etc. These workouts will not only help you stay active while managing your busy schedule but they will also dial in on your specific needs.  During these workouts our clinical staff will guide you through each exercise and answer any questions after each class/one-on-one session.